Desert Rotor moves forward with Skybotica and Swift Analytics with the Skybot-FW Long Range Fixed-Wing Mapping UAV and the 12PCX HOTAS ground control system. The event held at the MGM Grand was a success. Authorized Dealer Swift Analytics contributed greatly towards a long-term relationship with Desert Rotor and Skybotica. We were also graced with Chris Klicks presence, Founder and Lead Designer for RiteWing. The event brought new business opportunities and friendships.

Desert Rotor Launches the Mantis 12PCX HOTAS at InterDrone 2016. Desert Rotor pushes through and leads the way with Ground Control Systems. The product launch was a huge success with countless commercial UAV companies and governments eager to get to the 12PCX platform.

The International Drone Conference and Exposition was September 7-9 in Las Vegas a global scale conference for the builders, flyers and buyers of commercial drones. It featured a two-day technical conference for engineers and software developers, a drone business conference and a conference for commercial drone “buyers and flyers” in more than a dozen vertical market segments. 3,000+ attendees from 50+ nations.

IDE 2015 brought together a wide variety of sUAS companies, international drone delegations, business leaders, government leaders, international sUAS associations, general aviation associations, and drone Innovators from around the world. Desert Rotor succeeded in developing additional relationships with top industry leaders and receiving end user feedback on our signature Ground Control System, the 12PCX.

International Drone Expo

InterDrone 2015 conference was the largest event in North America dedicated to the commercial drone market.

Featuring technical conferences for builders, buyers and flyers of commercial drones, InterDrone 2015 brought a vast majority of the industry together in one place. Desert Rotor continued to establish key partnerships and received deep industry insight from countless executive management teams.

Desert Rotor continues to deepen its network with industry leaders.

Desert Rotor participated in workshops that included mapping, search and rescue, and aerial photography hosted by professionals in the unmanned and remote sensing field. We received insights and training from years of real world field experience.
sUAS News

Desert Rotor officially launched at the sUAS Drone Conference in San Francisco.

“The sUAS News group present an offering to attendees to highlight and showcase what makes this area and ideals that lead change in the technology and business culture. The presenters assembled for 2014 Exposition were chosen from among the leaders of global expertise in the field of commercial and science applications for unmanned systems and new technologies.”  – sUAS News