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We design UAV and drone ground stations that are high quality, highly compatible and cost effective. Our revolutionary GCS platform integrates key robust technologies into one form factor. Eliminate countless pre-flight procedures and fail points. Desert Rotor offers the highest level professional drone ground stations on the market today.


Desert Rotor designed the signature GCS platform using robust durable components, connectors and finish. Our suppliers include Pelican™, Logic Supply™, APEM™ and countless other quality manufacturers. Our sub-contractors quality certifications and adhere to various industry standards and procedures.


Desert Rotor strives toward bringing revolutionary drone and UAV ground control systems to market at the most competitive prices possible. Using state of the art manufacturing techniques allows us to keep costs down and evolve quickly. Our price-to-features is unmatched. Price your GCS configuration today on our website. No hidden costs.

– Highly Portable, Professional and Powerful Drone Ground Stations-

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