Complete Solutions

We strive towards bringing you systems that are simple to use and compatible with a wide variety of unmanned aerial vehicles. Spend less time setting up your ground components and more time flying your mission.


Desert Rotor brings vast experience in the aerospace industry and knowledge gained working with defense sector clients to our designs. We select rugged state of the art components for our ground stations.


Our aim is to bring revolutionary products to the market at the most competitive prices possible. Call us for a quote and to discuss how our ground station offerings can fit your application and needs.

12pcx hotas system

Fly Any Aircraft Type and Most Autopilot Systems – A True Turn-Key Solution

• HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) – 3 Axis Joystick

• Payload/Gimbal Controls – 2 Axis Joystick• No Cables, Connectors, Confusing Batteries & Chargers

• Eliminates Countless Pre-Flight Procedures

• Laptop, Video Receiver and Flight Controls All Together

– Highly Portable, Professional and Powerful –